Looking For Scrap Lead Prices Per KG in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and throughout Australia. If you want to sell scrap Lead for the best price per KG/Kilo/Kilogram in your area check our Lead price per kg calculator below to reveal the true value of your scrap Lead. This is vital information to have when trying to get the best price per kg for scrap Lead you can sell to scrap yards in Australia include Lead, Lead pipes, old window lead and much more for the best price per kg in Australia. 

Contact us today at cashforscrapmetalaustralia@gmail.com and we will send you details of the local scrap yards in Australia which we are associated with in the areas listed on our site along with copper prices per kg that each scrap yard is paying on the given day. We are associated with over 10000 scrap yards and copper dealers across the globe.

Scrap Lead Price Australia


Window Lead

Industrial Lead

Lead Ingots

 Please Note When Selling Scrap Lead in Australia and most other countries it is now the law to provide full id to the scrap yard or scrap Lead dealer. This is in accordance with the law and it has already reduced the amount of Lead theft and scrap Lead related incidents across the country.

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